The Truth About Your Vulnerability to Ransomware

The Truth About Your Vulnerability to Ransomware

Ransomware is a rapidly evolving challenge for organizations of all sizes. Despite expert protection technologies and staff, attackers are consistently changing techniques and developing bolder strategies that creep through vulnerabilities. Although the majority of ransomware attacks are spread by email through malicious links or attachments, devices can also be infected through several other vectors, including "driveby" downloads whereby a victim system is infected simply by visiting a compromised website running malicious code. Social media platforms, mobile apps and messenger programs are also increasing in popularity to lure victims into clicking on infected files.

According to a 2017 investigative report, one of the most significant changes to ransomware this past year was the swing away from infecting individual consumer systems and toward targeting entire organizations, as we have recently seen play out on a world-wide scale.

Download this whitepaper which highlights:

  • Emerging ransomware threats;
  • How to devise a ransomware response plan;
  • The right technologies to address this problem.

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