Tackling the DDoS Threat to Banking in 2014

Tackling the DDoS Threat to  Banking in 2014

DDoS attacks have undergone significant evolution. On the one hand, they have grown larger. But attackers are also harnessing more sophisticated technologies, such as headless browsers, that enable relatively small, short attacks to go undetected and wreak havoc on a bank's website. Another trend is the blending of DDoS with other forms of exploit, so that criminals can enjoy more time to transfer funds and remove traces of their activities.

All these developments point to the need for a multi-layered approach with part of a bank's infrastructure addressing the more sophisticated, finely targeted attacks with filtering, while another part can address the blunt instrument of a volumetric attack. Ovum believes banks will need to mix and match solutions, possibly opting to put some on premise while others can be delivered as a service from the cloud. Ovum's white paper addresses these topics with a focus on:

  • Why the majority of banking institutions plan changes in IT security in 2014
  • How cloud-based security will help banks mitigate DDoS attacks
  • The advantages of combining filtering and absorption techniques

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