FAQs Before Deploying Advanced Malware Protection

FAQs Before Deploying Advanced Malware Protection

It is not too far when most enterprises will experience doomsday scenarios, as cyber threats are only increasing faster than the ability to implement security improvements. One cannot deny the fact that even those organizations employing good cyber practices are being penetrated, as hackers are getting more sophisticated and possess the resources, expertise and persistence to compromise any enterprise if given enough time.

The problem will get worse if not better with the rise of polymorphic malware. Organisations are facing tens of thousands of new malware samples per hour, and attackers are relying on fairly simple malware tools to compromise a device or a network. While most popular malware signatures have failed to scale up to keep pace with the changes, new detection techniques such as sandboxing seem to have fallen short in protecting networks against malware attacks.

Against such ambiguities, it gets critical for users to identify the essential and effective ingredients of advanced malware protection solutions and seek appropriate answers to the key protection techniques to combat today's advanced malware attacks.

One of the few techniques recommended to deploy that help combat malware attacks includes:

  • Big data analytics
  • Collective global security intelligence
  • Enforcement across multiple form factors (networks, endpoints, mobile devices, secure gateways, and virtual systems)
  • Continuous analysis and retrospective security

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