Close the Window on Three Windows Server Threat Scenarios

Close the Window on Three Windows Server Threat Scenarios

Security breaches are all over the news, many of them a result of either insider threats or advanced persistent threats.

Companies and government agencies are looking for solutions to mitigate the risks these threats present. This white paper details three common Windows Server threat scenarios and explains the way that they can be neutralized. By following the guidelines in this white paper, organizations can guard against inside and outside threats, protect their Windows Server infrastructure and sensitive data, and meet relevant regulatory requirements.

Centrify Server Suite provides organizations with the control they need to thwart these threats. It protects their Windows Server environments by:

  • Granting users just enough privilege to accomplish their business objectives, enabling secure management of Windows services;
  • Making shared accounts in Active Directory accountable by associating the use of a shared account with the actual use;
  • Protecting PCI data from domain admins by enforcing a segregation or separation of duties.

By taking these steps, organizations can manage their identity-related risk posture and significantly improve their ability to cost-effectively address regulatory mandates, making compliance a repeatable and sustainable part of their business.

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