A Close Look at Phishing in Healthcare

A Close Look at Phishing in Healthcare

As healthcare records have steadily gone digital, the industry has had to play catch-up with cybersecurity. But that is starting to change as healthcare companies pay a steep toll in data breaches: records replacement, remediation, downtime, bad reputation, fines and even stock prices. The damage happens downstream, too - when systems crash, patient care is at risk as well as accuracy in medical records resulting in complaints and law suits.

In this industry brief, Cofense shares exclusive data on phishing in the healthcare industry. The take-away: healthcare lags behind other frequently attacked industries in recognizing and reporting phishing emails

Download this industry brief to learn more from this research, including:

  • The phishing emails healthcare employees fall for most often
  • Phishing clues in real emails healthcare companies received
  • A sampling of how much crimeware targets healthcare companies
  • How one healthcare company stopped a phishing attack in 19 minutes

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