The 2023 Security Awareness Predictions Report

The 2023 Security Awareness Predictions Report

What 2023 has in store for us is anyone’s guess—but we’re here to make an educated one.

  • The rapidly changing threat landscape will drive policy makers to reconsider legislation and guidance—something the Analysts have been predicting, and calling for.
  • The Analysts will keep pushing organizations towards more holistic ways to manage behavioral risk.
  • And cyber insurers will respond by; partnering with vendors to help their customers manage risk; and by refining policy-payout terms, to help themselves.

But what does this mean for you, and your organization?

In absence of ChatGPT version 10 (the one that predicts the future), we did the next best thing. We invited the community, with all their expertise, experience, and on-the-ground information to take part in the largest predictions survey the cybersecurity awareness community has ever seen…

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