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Identity and Access Management: Industry Driven View
A Fortune 50 Company Stops Credential Stuffing Attacks
A Guide to Protecting Your e-Com Business From Costly Bot Attacks
Protecting Your Customer Data in the Era of Shadow Code
How to Improve Security and Visibility of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform
Energy & Utilities: Staying Secure & Compliant In the Cloud
SOC Automation Playbook
CMMC Readiness Assessment
Vendor Risk Program Development: Evaluate, track and measure third-party risk
Aligning Cyber Risk with Business Risk
The Cyturus Adaptive Risk Model
Unlocking The Value Of Improved Cybersecurity Protection
GUARDIAN: On the Microsoft Azure Marketplace
The IT Pro's Guide to OT/IoT Security
Rising IoT Botnets and Shifting Ransomware Escalate Enterprise Risk
SaaS-Powered Security and Visibility for OT & IoT Networks
Integrating IAM Infrastructure Financial Sector vs Media & Tech
Upskill: Eliminating Risk & Ensuring Compliance
Account Opening Fraud: How to Uncover When New Customers Are Not
The Benefits of IVR Monitoring in 2020 and Beyond
6 Misconceptions About Collective Defense for Cybersecurity
Leveraging SOC Automation: Use Cases
2020, Year of Evolution and Adoption of SD-WAN
Assuring Digital Trust
Being Resilient: Assuring Digital Trust in the New World of Work
Cybersecurity for Transport and Logistics Industry
Email Security with Microsoft and Valimail — No SEG Required
Industrial Cybersecurity Risks - Oil and Gas Operations
Looking Beyond the Password
Security by Design
CyberGRX Exchange Insights
How Much Does it Cost to Build a 24x7 SOC?
The Convergence of CMMC and MSSP/MDR Results in a New Service Category: Managed Cybersecurity and Compliance Provider (MCCP)
Security As A Team Sport: A Forrester Spotlight On The Growing Role Of IT In Security Tasks
Five Critical Requirements for Internal Firewalling in the Data Center
Ransomware: Shift from Detection to Protection
Four Key Areas to Achieve Cyber Resilience
Magic Quadrant for IT Risk Management
Forrester: Tension Between IT and Security Professionals Reinforcing Siloes and Security Strain
5 Ways Hackers are Targeting Organizations: Analysis of an Attack Surface
5 Questions Security Intelligence Must Answer
The Hidden Attack Surface That's Growing Out of Control
An Underestimated Vulnerability: The Digital Footprints of High Net-Worth Individuals
Securing the Data Center in Just Four Steps
Retiring Web Access Management (WAM)
Okta Passwordless Authentication
From Zero to Hero: The Path to CIAM Maturity
Unlocking Omni-Channel with Unified Customer Identity
Transform the Customer Experience with a Modern Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) Solution
Javelin Strategy & Research Ranks TransUnion “Best in Class” in Identity Proofing
IoT Security: Myths and Realities
2021 and the Future of How We Work
Categorizing Internet Security: Key Findings 2020
Now is Not the Time for Complacency on Cybersecurity in Healthcare
Defending Against Credential Based Attacks – Protecting the Keys to the Front Door
Attivo Networks in a Zero Trust Architecture
Ransomware Mitigation – Limiting Damage and Movement
Attivo Deception MITRE Shield Mapping
Active Directory Protection Matters
The Third Question: What CISOs Aren't Asking, and What's at Stake
Effective Vulnerability and Remediation Management
Determining the Effectiveness of an Incident Response Plan
IoT and Operational Technology: Who Should Close the Security Gap?
Backup Modernisation - Managing Regulations & Costs
Financial Crime: The Rise of Multichannel Attacks
How to Proactively Employ Network Forensics at Internet Scale
The Power of Actionable Threat Intel
Insider Threat: Reduce the Risk
Improve Visibility Across Multi-Cloud Environments
Pandemic-Driven Change: The Effect of COVID-19 on Incident Response
A Toolkit for CISOs
Breaking the Kill Chain
What You Need to Know to Combat the Insider Threat
6 critical steps before you roll out a security uplift program for software developers
The Hidden $20.3 Billion: The Cost of Disconnected Payments
Connected Payments: Seizing Opportunity in MENA and Pakistan
Creative CISO’s Guide to Transforming their Security Program
Five-Step Road to DevSecOps Success
Skills Based Pathways: The Key to Scalable Developer Growth
Why empowering developers to write secure code is the next wave of application security
Comprehensive Coverage for MITRE ATT&CK for ICS
Zero Trust Security for Unmanaged Devices
Cybersecurity for Electric Utility Operating Environments
Dynamic Detection for Dynamic Threats
Cloud Migration: The Chance to Transform Security
ESG Technical First IBM Cloud Pak for Security: A connected security platform for the Hybrid, Multi-Cloud world
Motorola Case Study: Beyond Compliance
Beyond FTP: Securing and Managing File Transfers
Fraud: Supporting Agility in a Connected World
5 Key Ways CISOs Can Accelerate the Business
The SIEM Buyer’s Guide for 2021
IVR Fraud: 'A Fraudsters' Playground'
2020 Devo SOC Performance Report: A Tale of Two SOCs
Kuppingercole Leadership Compass for Governance - IGA
Kuppingercole Leadership Compass for Privileged Access Management -PAM
Privileged Account Management for Dummies
The Forrester Wave™: Customer Identity And Access Management, Q4 2020
The Total Economic Impact of IBM Identity and Access Management Services
The Corporate Sneakernet
24 Hours: Tracking the Crucial First 24 Hours Following a Ransomware Attack
Actual Incident Response Scenarios in Healthcare and Financial Services
Protecting Your Organization By Empowering Your Employees
PhishProof Report: A Trending Decline in Click Rates
A Practical Guide to Gartner’s Cloud Security Archetypes
How Your CEO's Personal Brand is a Cybersecurity Liability
Roundtable Wrap: Cybersecurity Over the Next 4 Years
State of the Internet / Security: 2020 - A Year in Review
Automatically Mitigate Script Attacks Before They Hurt Business
DDoS Defense in a Hybrid Cloud World
Internal Firewalls for Dummies
Breaking Down Barriers to Successful ML Adoption
Gartner: Best Practices for Running Containers and Kubernetes in Production
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Driving Tangible Value for Business
Kubernetes Security Tips, Tricks and Best Practices
HBR: The State of Cloud-Driven Transformation
How to Move Faster Against Cyber Automated Attacks
Deploying a Privileged Access System: 9 Actionable Strategies to Ensure Success
ROI Study: Economic Validation Report of the Anomali Threat Intelligence Platform
SANS Measuring and Improving Cyber Defense Using the MITRE ATT&CK Framework
Threat Intelligence Solutions: A SANS Review of Anomali ThreatStream
Frost Radar: Global Threat Intelligence Platform Market, 2020 from Anomali
Managing Threat Intelligence eBook
A Banker's Guide to Insider Fraud: 6 Ways to Spot Insider Fraud Before It Strikes
Why your Bank is Better off with Fewer Fraud Alerts: Four Ways to Spot the Hidden Threats
Building the Modern SOC
How to Move Your Centralized Logging to the Cloud
Taking Authentication Manager Beyond Logins
Ransomware and Rapid Response : Sophos CTO Joe Levy on Incident Response at the Speed of Crime
EMA Zero Trust Networking Research Summary
5 Ways to Improve Asset Inventory and Management Using Ordr
Manufacturing Solution Brief
Simplify to Secure
Identity Management and Privileged Access in Healthcare
Bring Secure, Frictionless Customer Experiences to Government Faster with Modern CIAM
Modernizing IT in Government: Facilitating the Public Sector’s Move to the Cloud
Okta +
Leveraging Okta's Identity cloud as the first line of defense against fraud, waste and abuse
EdScoop Special Report: Colleges prepare to graduate to next-gen identity systems
An Identity Framework for Higher Education Systems
Forrester Best Practices: Identity Management And Governance
Gartner Market Guide
Securosis Report: Network Operations and Security Professionals' Guide to Managing Public Cloud Journeys
2020 Gartner Market Guide for Network Detection and Response
The Forrester Wave: Security Analytics Platforms, Q4 2020
Reducing Cyber Risk for the Financial Service Industry
Third-Party Cyber Risks in the Oil & Gas Industry
Third-Party Cyber Risks in the Financial Industry
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
Securing the Future of Work
Isolation Best Practices Financial Services Institution
Menlo Security Protecting Against Email-Based Threats
Menlo Security : 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Secure Web Gateways (SWG)
Replace AV Buyer’s Guide
13 Email Threat Types to Know About Right Now
Definitive Guide to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Security
Financial Fraud Rising: Key Strategies to Combat Sophisticated ATO Attacks
Managing Digital Transformation Risk in Financial Services
Credential Stuffing 2021: The Latest Attack Trends and Tools
Using the MITRE ATT&CK Knowledge Base to Improve Threat Hunting and Incident Response
Top 10 Use Cases for User and Entity Behavior Analytics
The Industrialization of Fraud: Fighting Fire With Fire
Attacker Economics - What Makes Your Company a Prime Target?
Adopting Cross-Function, Cost-Out and Revenue-In Capabilities
The Rise of Targeted Ransomware Crime Syndicates
Ransomware Big Game Hunting in Financial Services and FinTech
Definitive Guide to Readiness, Detection, and Remediation for SolarWinds and Similar Advanced Attacks
10 Critical Issues to Cover in Your Vendor Security Questionnaires
The CISO's Guide to Third-Party Security Management
Regulation Cheat Sheet
How to Create Scalable Vendor Security Questionnaires
The CISO’s Guide to Choosing an Automated Security Questionnaire Platform
WalkMe Receives a 360-Degree View of Suppliers Using Panorays
Implementing Cloud Native Security: Shift-Left to Increase Effectiveness
How to Reduce Digital Risk in a Post-COVID World
The Essential Guide to Digital Risk Protection
Cloud Security Blind Spots: Detecting and Fixing Cloud Misconfigurations
Canalys Worldwide Vendor Benchmark: Cybersecurity
Top Reasons That Make Virtual Networking a Wise Investment
Accelerate Application Speed and Agility for Business Innovation and Growth
Case Study: The Very Group's Digital Security Journey
Improving the Health of Healthcare Cybersecurity
What cyber attacks aren't you seeing?
State of Software Security
Your Guide to Application Security Solutions
The State of the Software Supply Chain
The Top 5 Most Vulnerable Open Source Components And What You Can Do to Mitigate The Risk
Why Passwords Stink
The Biggest Advance In Security Since Certificates
IAM Best Practices for Higher Ed IT Leaders: Governance vs. Automation
Discover the Dangers of Unmanaged Admin Rights & Strategies to Control Them
5 Critical Steps in Your Endpoint Security Strategy
Buyer’s Guide for Complete Privileged Access Management (PAM)
2020 Global PKI and IoT Trends Study
Mitigating Consumer Privacy Risks: A Glimpse Into The Minds of Ten Data Visionaries
Case Study: Threat Reconnaissance Lessons from the Private Sector
From Risk Analysis to Risk Reduction: A Step-By-Step Approach
Gartner Market Guide For Operational Technology Security
The Five Nastiest Security Mistakes Lurking in Public Cloud Infrastructure
Enterprise Guide to AWS Security 2020
Cloud Workload Security
Survey Report: Cybersecurity Insiders 2020 AWS Cloud Security Report
No Blindspots Toolkit
Brand Impersonation: It's an InfoSec Problem
Multi-Cloud Data Protection Solutions
Dell EMC Data Protection Solutions
The Periodic Table of Data Protection
Understanding the Economics of In-cloud Data Protection: Designed for Today with Tomorrow in Mind
Dell EMC Cloud Disaster Recovery
Data Protection for Kubernetes Workloads
Data Security: Controlling Classified Information in the UK Public Sector
Why You Need Cyber Security 24/7
F-Secure Excels Again In the MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation
Make This Your Year for Certification
Tenable's 2020 Threat Landscape Retrospective
SANS Buyer Guide
10 Reasons Why Businesses Need to Invest in Cloud Security Training
Customer Attitudes to Digital Identity: Meet The Expectations of Tomorrow
Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls
Complete Protection at the Edge
How Imperva DDoS Protects at Scale
The Identity Experience: How Identity Creates Great UX
Onfido’s Identity Fraud Report 2020
Shifting Cloud Security Left with Infrastructure as Code
DDoS in the time of COVID-19
The Three Keys to Secure and Successful Cloud Migrations
13 Questions You Must Ask Your Bot Mitigation Vendor
How Bots Affect E-Commerce
The Anatomy of Account Takeover Attacks
Five Steps to Mitigating Data Breach Risks
Meeting Data Security Challenges in the Age of Digital Transformation
Best Practices in Buying Down Risk
14 Questions to Ask your Application Security Vendor
15 Ways Your Website is Under Attack
EMA Evaluation Guide to Privileged Access Management (PAM)
Evaluation Criteria SOC-as-a-Service
Cysiv Security Operations Center (SOC)-as-a-Service and Google Cloud Platform
The Essential Guide To Successful Patch Remediation Strategy
Infographic: The Future of Patch Management
4 Stages of Intelligent Patch Remediation
How to Mitigate Software Supply Chain Risk
Protect & Respect: 7 Endpoint DLP Capabilities that Empower the Virtual Workforce
2021 Survey Report Remote Workforce Security
Everyone as a Trusted Insider: An Intelligent Replacement for Employee Monitoring
Finding the Disconnect: Perceptions and Behaviors of Today’s Enterprise Employees
Gartner Market Guide for Insider Risk Management Solutions
Need to Evolve to a Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Strategy but Don't Know How? This Guide Will Show You.
The Rise of the Business-Aligned Security Executive
Risk-Based Vulnerability Management: The Best Way to Prioritize
A Smarter Approach to Insider Threat Protection
How to Make a Security Operations Center More Efficient
The Forrester New Wave™: Bot Management
PerimeterX is named a leader in Bot Management by Forrester
Beat Bad Bots
Automating Infrastructure Identity with Okta Advanced Server Access
Best Practices: Enforcing Least Privilege Access for Linux Servers
Adapt to the Cloud Operating Model
eBook: Data Privacy in the Cloud
Get the Context You Need to Plan Your Cyber Defense
Rule Life Cycle Management
Hybrid IT-OT Security Management
Cloud Security Buyer's Guide
Cloud Security Comparison Guide
Investing in a long-term security strategy: The 3 keys to achieving SASE
10-Step Executive Action Plan for Collective Defense
8 Top Cybersecurity Challenges and How Leading Companies are Tackling Them
Psychology of Passwords
Top 5 SIEM Trends to Watch in 2021
Splunk Security Predictions 2021
Identity and Access Management Is Critical to Securing a Remote Workforce
The Hunt for 'Shadow APIs'
Phish Are Getting To Your Inbox: Why Your “Secure” Email Gateway Isn’t
Polymorphic Phishing Attacks: 5 Insights to Help Stop Them
Stronger Security Through Context-aware Change Management: A Case Study
Reducing IVR Fraud Through Advanced Account Risk Capabilities
Stopping Fraud at the IVR, The New Front Door
Excellence in Digital Experience: The Intersection of Process & Technical Exponentiality
Plugging the Gaps In Salesforce Cloud Security
5 AppSec Risks That Threaten Your Business
Application Security Risk Report
Build Application Security into the Entire SDLC
The Hidden Cost of Free M365 Security Features
2021 State of Physical Access Control Report
Safely Returning to the Workplace
IAM is Critical to Securing a Remote Workforce
Identity 101 for SMBs: A Guide to the Benefits and Features of Identity
Faster IV&V and Acceptance Testing in Defense Programs Best Practices Checklist
Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing
Shifting Left to Accelerate Security Approvals for ATOs in Defense Programs
Exposing Financial Crime with Full Transparency
Vulnerability Management: The Next Evolution
Challenge and Opportunity in the MSP Sector
Account Takeover Goes Mobile
Risk Management Use Cases in Financial Services
IDC Snapshot: Modernizing Risk and Compliance in Banking
Essential Operational Resilience
Embedding operational resiliency into everything you do
Case Study: Oil & Gas Producer Deploys Global iCS Security Program
Case Study: Global Pharma Expands OT Visibility and Strengthens Security
Integrating OT into IT/OT SOCs
The IT Pro's Guide to OT/IoT Security
OT/IoT Security Report
Closing IoT Security Gaps in Your Operations
Cyberark Solutions and the MITRE Attack Framework
An Assume-Breach Mindset: 4 Steps to Protect What Attackers are After
The CyberArk Blueprint for Privileged Access Management Success Rapid Risk Reduction Playbook
Advancing Identity & Access Management to the Next Level of Security Effectiveness
Top Ten Considerations When Choosing a Modern Single Sign-On Solution
Forrester Consulting: Strained Relationship Between Security and IT Ops Teams Leave Businesses at Risk
Ultimate Guide to Achieving Resilience in Your Distributed Workforce
Cyberwarfare Requires Speed, Adaptability and Visibility to Win: Enterprises Must Close the IT Operations and Security Gap
How IT Resilience Gaps Impact Your Business
IT Leads the Way: How the Pandemic Empowered IT
Lessons Learned: How IT SecOps Can Improve Risk Posture and Readiness in 2021
2021 Technology Spending Intentions Survey
Ultimate Guide to Modern IT Ops - 4 Keys to Success
Managing the Compliance, Security, and Productivity Nightmares Caused by a Remote Workforce
Automating Security Operations
Threat Intelligence Integration: From Source to Secure
Mega Breaches: Security Best Practices & Log Management
Evaluating Tools for Managing your Log Data: The Graylog Advantage
Securing the Software Supply Chain
A Public Sector Guide to Driving Secure & Effective Software Development
An Integrated Approach to Embedding Security into DevOps
AST as the Key to DevSecOps Maturity
5 Reasons to Prioritize Software Security
What the Heck is IAST? | A Guide to Interactive Application Security Testing
10 Critical Capabilities for AST in DevOps
DAZN Case Study: Why Securing Open Source is Essential
3M Case Study: The Secret to Being Well Versed in Secure Coding
Building Secure Applications: Recommendations for Financial Services
Playtech Case Study: Why SCE is Important
A Pragmatic Approach to Reducing Production Vulnerabilities with an Integrated Approach
5 Reasons Why Software Security is More Critical Than Ever
5 Practical Tips to Move to DevSecOps with Ease
5 Consejos Para Pasar Fácilmente a DevSecOps
Delivering Secure Public Sector Digital Transformation
Endpoint Security: Protecting Your Business Wherever It Goes
Medical & Iot Device Security for Healthcare
The Total Economic Impact™ of ManagedXDR
The Impact of XDR in the Modern SOC
Forrester Report Best Practices: Medical Device Security
The Rising Threat of Vendor Email Compromise in a Post-SolarWinds Era
Azure Guidebook: Building a Detection and Response Strategy
Account Opening Fraud: How to Uncover When New Customers Are Not
Five Things Fueling Account Takeover
The Art of Social Engineering: How to Use Digital Behavior to Uncover Real-Time Scams
Gartner: How to Create a Payment Fraud Strategy at the Organizational Level
How to Achieve Frictionless Identity Management in Government Healthcare
Okta Brings Zero Trust Identity and Access to Defense Department Networks
Safeguarding Unemployment Insurance Benefits from Fraud
4 Top Considerations for State and Local Agencies Looking to Protect Against Credential-Based Attacks
The Tambellini Group Case Study: California State University, Long Beach
One Minute Whitepaper: How Okta Mitigates Cybersecurity Risks for Higher Learning Institutions
The Annual Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report 2021
Akamai's Vaccine Edge
Web Application Protector Product Brief
Akamai Ion: Product Brief
2020 Gartner Market Guide for Email Security
Continuous Application Performance Management SaaS and Software: Market Overview and Top Vendors
The Guide to Modern APM: Essentials for Your Cloud-native Journey
5 Things to Consider When Choosing an APM Tool
Successfully Navigate Today’s Complex Identity Fraud Environment
Organizations are Fighting Fraud with an Incomplete View of Consumer Identity
EDR, NDR, MDR, XDR: It Still Comes Down to Detection and Response
DevOps: An Integrated Approach to Embedding Security into DevOps - A Best Practices Guide
AST as the Key to DevSecOps Maturity
Case Study: Leading Bank Stops Automated Fraud
Mainframe Hacks: Why It’s Rarely Reported in the News & How to Avoid It
Mainframes and Security: Current Trends, Key Capabilities
The Top Mainframe Security Threats of 2020
Focusing on the Endpoint as a Key Element of Your Security Infrastructure
Infographic: Your System is Not Unbreachable
SecOps Guide to Public Cloud Journeys
How to Gain Control of Complex Applications in the Time of Digital Transformation
Forrester Consulting: IT & Security Insights by Role
Closing the Cloud Visiblity Gap: Simplify, Secure and Scale your Hybrid Infrastructure
How to Get High-Performing, Secure Networks While Staying Within Budget
Five It Security Risks in a Perimeterless World
Aberdeen Report: How a Platform Approach to Security Monitoring Initiatives Adds Value
Forrester Wave 2020
6 Myths of SIEM
Complimentary Forrester Research - Best Practices for Mitigating Insider Threats
OCR-Quality Risk Analysis Case Study: Encompass Health
Insider Threat Programs: 8 Tips to Build a Winning Program
Understanding Insider Threat Detection Tools
Insider Risk Management: Adapting to the Evolving Security Landscape
Preventing Insider Threats with UEBA
Phishers’ Favorites 2020 Year in Review
Phishing Attacks: Advanced Techniques that Evade Detection
Evaluating Microsoft 365 Email Security Solutions
Email Security for Microsoft 365: It’s Broken. Here’s How to Fix It.
Why Partner with Vade
GigaOm Cloud Observability Report
The Challenge of Detecting Lateral Movement: SolarWinds Attack, Remote Worker Threats
Proactively Uncovering Fraud Rings Before They Impact Your Portfolio
From Passwords to Passwordless
How Identity and Access Management Empowers Businesses to Securely Work from Anywhere
eCommerce and the Impact of Automated Attacks
Splunk Security: Detecting Unknown Malware and Ransomware
SANS an Interactive Pentesting Experience
Pentesting & DevOps: From Gatekeeper to Enabler
Pentest as a Service Impact Report 2020
The ROI of Pentesting-as-a-Service
The 5 Steps To Effective Data Protection
Classification By Design: The Foundation Of Effective Data Protection Compliance
Data Classification: The First Step To Protecting Unstructured Data
What Is Data Classification And What Can It Do For My Business?
The Changing Needs for Enterprise DLP
Don’t Let Bad Actors Ruin the Show
Balancing Protection and Profit
Demystifying Threat Hunting – Your Threat Hunting Handbook
State of the Internet / Security: Adapting to the Unpredictable
DDoS Defense in a Hybrid Cloud World
Akamai Executive Summary: 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls
9 Myths About DDoS Defense
Risk-Based Authentication: A Critical Element to Any Zero-Trust Deployment
6 Essential Features of a Modern Firewall
Understanding Cyber Attacks: The Cyber Kill Chain
The Impact of XDR in the Modern SOC
Maximize the ROI of Detection and Response
Cortex XDR - Breaking the Security Silos for Detection and Response
Take Your Endpoint Security to the Next Level
Digital Documentation: Authenticity and Integrity
Ransomware Exposed: Analyzing Ransomware and Mitigation Strategies
Endpoint Security Review: A Defense-in-Depth Perspective on Ransomware
3 Ways Your Customer Identity Strategy Fuels Business Growth
New Priorities for IT Operations: Be Ready for Whatever Comes Next
Why Microsoft Customers Are Adding Best-of-Breed Solutions
Securing Hybrid IT is a Journey: Where Organizations Fall on the Maturity Curve Today
Putting the Spotlight on Zero Trust Architecture
Major League Baseball improves the omnichannel fan experience with Okta
T-Mobile Customer Care Agents Achieve Friction-free Access, Offering Delightful Customer Experience Customer
5 Security and Productivity Risks of Remote Work
How to Develop a Business Continuity Plan: Best Practices During a Crisis
Next-Generation Identity and Access Management (IAM) Trusted Experience Platform
2021 Predictions: Security and Access Management Leaders Discuss What’s Next
How IAM Can Help Save Organizations Time, Money and Resources
The Myths of Cyber-Insurance
Better Ways to Deal with New Security Threats
The State of Threat Detection and Response
The 2021 Voice Intelligence and Security Report | Section 5: The Law of Unintended Consequences
Securing Microsoft 365: Advanced Security and the Fortinet Security Fabric
Security for Microsoft 365: 3 Critical Strategies to Consider
Can You Rely on Microsoft 365 for Email Security?
Expel is a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Managed Detection And Response, Q1 2021
Assess Your Microsoft 365 Security Posture
Top cybersecurity trends 2021: Pandemic-related content used for attack propagation
Isolated Castles: Incident Response in the New Work From Home Economy
5 Reasons to Prioritize Software Security
Under Pressure: Public Sector & Software Security
Top cybersecurity trends 2021: Cryptomining
5 Steps to SASE
Data Protection in a Zero-Perimeter World
Forcepoint Insider Threat
Strengthening Security in your Office 365 Environment
Your Path to Zero Trust
The Sotero Data Security Platform: Use Data Securely In Its Encrypted State
In-Use Encryption: Next-Gen Encryption That Enables Data Use Securely In Its Encrypted State
Top cybersecurity trends 2021: Orchestrated, multi-staged, evasive attacks
A Guide to Security in Software Development: Secure Coding Standards Best Practices
Plugging the Gaps In Salesforce Cloud Security
Case Study: What Elite Threat Hunters See That Others Can't
The Elements of a Holistic Third-Party Risk Strategy
Ransomware: How to Regain Lost Ground
How IT and Security Teams Can Be Ready For 2021 and Beyond
The New Data Encryption: Combining Data Protection with Ease of Use
2021 Global Encryption Trends Study
The Top 5 Remote Access Problems
M-Trends 2021: FireEye Mandiant Services | Special Report
eBook | Evolution of Endpoint Security
State of DevOps Report 2020
DevOps for Executive Management: How the Organization and Funding of Tech Teams Drive Digital Success
How to Modernize Change Management with Enterprise DevOps
MSPs 5 Essentials from your Endpoint Security Partner
MSPs Transform Their Endpoint Security eBook
2021 State of Malware Report
CISOs: Why Is Database Security So Elusive and What Can You Do About It?
Case Studies in Government Digital Identity
Connecting Users to Apps
Forrester: Maintain Security Visibility in the TLS 1.3 Era
ESG Economic Validation: Analyzing the Cost Savings and Economic Benefits of Gigamon
Gartner Research: 2021 Strategic Roadmap for IT Operations Monitoring
Protecting Financial Institutions from DDoS Attacks
eBook | Telehealth: Fighting Fraud With Identity Verification
3 Steps to Managing Shadow IT
Zero Trust and Access Management: A Journey, Not a Destination
Case Study: Colt Telecommunications | A Robust Identity Management Process
How to transition security to the cloud in 2021
Network Security Predictions for 2021
4 Things I Wish I'd Known Before Purchasing That New Patching Solution
A Beginner's Guide to Kubernetes Monitoring
The Problem with Password Managers
How to Reduce False Declines
A Simple Guide to DDoS Mitigation
Online Banking in Canada: How are Canada’s Top Banks Balancing Security and User Experience for Online Customers?
Capturing Your Share of Financial Services Customers in the Digital Age
Augmenting Your Microsoft Office 365 EOP and ATP Email Security Infrastructure
eBook | The Ultimate Cyber Skills Strategy Cheat Sheet
eBook | Aligning Cyber Skills to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework
Osterman Research: Cyber Crisis Response – Fit For Today’s Threat Landscape?
The Psychology of Cyber: How Micro-Drilling Enhances Crisis Response
The Quick & Dirty Guide to Cybersecurity Training
Signals in Security Report 2021
Embed Operational Resiliency into your Culture, Technology, and Processes for Competitive Advantage
Voltage SecureData Cloud: Securing Sensitive Data Assets for Cloud Services
Cloud Data Security: Selecting the Right Cloud Crypto and Key Management Solution
Case Study: Multi-National Pharmacy Retailer Cloud Data Security
Overcoming Barriers in Healthcare Digital Transformation
How to Make Patient Portal Sign-In Easy and Secure
The Need for Speed: How Healthcare CIOs Can Accelerate M&A with Cloud IAM
Securing Cloud Access in Healthcare
The State of Data Loss Prevention: Why DLP Has Failed and What the Future Looks Like
2021 Survey Results: The State of Mobile Banking App Security
Security Labs: A Boost for Software Development Training
A Guide to Improving Compliance with Network Automation Technology
Trusted Software Supply Chain
API Security from Concepts to Components
Analyst Report: Vendor Comparison and TCO Analysis of Public Cloud Security Tools
How 6 Financial Services CISOs Nailed IaaS Security & Compliance for AWS, Azure, & GCP
The Orca Security 2021 State of Public Cloud Security Report - Financial Services Edition
The State of Data Loss Prevention in Healthcare 2021
The State of Data Loss Prevention in Legal 2021
5 Ways to Rapidly Reduce Risk
The Three Keys To Transformation Through Zero Trust: Platform, People, and Process
Three Strategies to Accelerate Business Transformation
VMware Multi-Cloud Architecture: Enabling Choice and Flexibility
VMware Cloud Ready Framework
The Truth About Compromised Credentials
Accelerate Incident Response Times with Automated Investigation
Building Resiliency Across Traditional, Modern, and Disruptive IT
Architecting Your Multi-Cloud Environment
Three Ways to Cut Your Response Time to Cyber Attacks in Half
Compare Exabeam to Your Current Security Management Platform
Mobile Security Index 2021
Mobile Security Index 2021 for SMB
Mobile Security Index 2021 - Executive Summary Infographic
Improve your threat protection with a strong acceptable use policy and mobile security
Unemployment Fraud Targets Executive Suite
Exposed Databases: When It Leaks, Hackers Breach
Fraud Prevention Without Friction
Closing IoT Security Gaps in Your Operations
Modernize Endpoint Protection and Leave Your Legacy Challenges Behind
Replace AV Buyer’s Guide
The Economics of Infrastructure Scalability in Healthcare
Top 5 Challenges of Migrating Healthcare Applications to the Cloud
Horizon on VMware Cloud on AWS Buyers Guide for Healthcare
Taking Complexity Out of Threat Intelligence
Online Banking in the USA: How 20 of America’s Top Banks Are Balancing Security with Usability for Onboarding
A Global Study: Uncovering Cloud Security Knowledge Gaps in the Healthcare Sector
Preventive Cloud Care: 5 Ways to Ensure a Healthy Migration
Healthcare Security Solutions
12 Immutable Rules for Observability
Understanding Ransomware in the Enterprise
Ransomware: To Pay or Not to Pay?
Focusing on the Endpoint as a Key Element of Your Security Infrastructure
Modernize Endpoint Protection and Leave Your Legacy Challenges Behind
Case Study | Lowering DDoS Risk
The 2021 Security Outcomes Study
Gartner 2021 Strategic Roadmap for SASE Convergence
Data Sharing: Myths vs. Reality
Global Dating Platform Defeats Account Takeovers // Plataforma global de namoro derrota a prática de aquisição de contas
Automated Gift Card Fraud // Fraude de vale-presente automatizado
Airline Stops Automated Attacks on Web & Mobile // Companhia aérea impede ataques automatizados na web e em dispositivos móveis
Why a Data Strategy Is the Glue for Application Modernization
4 Myths of Software Risk: Secure What You Build
Making the Business Case for Cyber Skills Training
How 400 Barclays Security Professionals Upgraded their Cyber Skills
Why Cybersecurity Training has Changed Forever
Preparing for Next-Generation Cyber Attacks on IoT
Android Stalkerware Vulnerabilities
The Devil is in The Data
The New Era of Fraud: A Bot-Driven Threat
Choosing the WAF that's Right for You
WAF for Dummies Digital Book
Apps are Essential so your WAF must be effective
How to Protect Against the OWASP Top 10 and Beyond
The Definitive Guide to Security Validation
ABC's of DNS, DHCP, and IPAM Security
Exploring the Methodology of DDoS Attacks
Combating Hacking Techniques: How to Defend Against DDoS, Ransomware, and Cryptojacking
Tried and Tested Best Practices for Active Directory Security
The Business Email Compromise Threat Report
Innovate By Migrating to the Most Secure Cloud
Achieve Machine Learning Results Faster
Creating a Culture of Security
Build Your Cloud Security Skills to Innovate With Confidence
Real-Time Application and Cloud Workload Protection
Redefining Network Security Ebook
3 Tips for Growing Organizations Choosing a Firewall
The Future of Firewalling: How a Platform Approach Can Lower Security Costs
Top 5 Tips for Enterprises Choosing a Firewall
Forrester Wave for Enterprise Firewalls
6 Steps to Secure Your IT Supply Chain
Cybersecurity Key Performance Indicators
Threat Insight: PowerShell Suspicious Scripting
The Rise of Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS)
Office365 Account Takeover - What it is and Why Detecting it Early is Crucial
Why You Need a Modern Regulatory Framework
Signature-Based Antivirus Bypass Threats
Rethinking Cybersecurity by Managing Complexity
2021 Thales Data Threat Report, APAC Edition
How Top Companies Use Phone-Centric Identity to Mitigate Fraud and Enhance CX
MITRE ATT&CK in Amazon Web Services (AWS): A Defender's Cheat Sheet
Automation and Management of Digital Identities
Oakland County Improves Service and Decreases Costs with Okta
Identity Frameworks for Higher Education Systems
Kingsborough Community College
Certificate Lifecycle Management Just Got More Strategic
Identity Frameworks for Education Systems
Kingsborough Community College
One Minute Whitepaper: How Okta Mitigates Cybersecurity Risks for Education
Securing Identities, Credentials, and Access in Federal Government Agencies
Protecting Identities in a ‘Zero Trust’ Environment
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ThreatINSIGHT Via Network Detection and Response
'Zero Trust' Security for the Mainframe
What’s Wrong With UEBA – and How to Fix It
Telehealth and Online Identity Verification: How to Create a More Inclusive Experience
Okta Q&A with guest Forrester: Rethink Infrastructure Access
The 2021 Synack Trust Report: Measuring Security, Building Trust
Okta ThreatInsight Automated detection and prevention against identity attacks
The 2021 Cybersecurity Executive Order
Device Integrity and The Zero Trust Framework
Assess Your Organization’s Firmware Security Risk
Delivering Mainframe Services in the New Normal
How Overconfidence And Complacency Leave Companies Vulnerable To Attack
Protect the Brand: Online Fraud and Cryptocurrency Scams
Risk Management and Integrity Assurance for Network Devices
Business Imperative: Cloud Adoption, With Security
Preparing for ‘Shift Left’
Revisiting Ransomware Protection: An Assume-Breach Perspective
Threat Hunting Report: Beyond Supply Chain Attacks
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Tech Spotlight: Tools to Secure the New Landscape
Cloud Security: Encryption and Key Management Essentials
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Data Security Advances Help Companies Drive Business Innovation
2021 EDR Buyer’s Guide
Cyber Incident Response Guide
Understanding how Managed Detection and Response (MDR) compares to Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs)
The State of Incident Response 2021
'Zero Trust': Beyond Transformation
Airline Stops Automated Attacks on Web & Mobile // Aerolínea detiene ataques automatizados en la web y en móviles
How Secure is Your Security Data Lake?
Automated Gift Card Fraud // Fraude con tarjetas regalo automatizadas
Global Dating Platform Defeats Account Takeovers // La plataforma mundial de citas derrota a los responsables de apropiación de cuentas
Achieve Machine Learning Results Faster
Amazon GuardDuty Security Review
Leveraging a Highly Effective Combination of Human and Machine Power
An Integrated Approach to Embedding Security into DevOps - A Best Practices Guide
A Guide to Achieving DevSecOps in Kubernetes Environments
Kubernetes-native Security: What it is, and Why it Matters
Definitive Guide to Red Hat OpenShift Security
Learn The 10 Questions Your Cloud Partners Should Be Able to Answer
How to Ensure Flexibility in a Hybrid Multicloud Strategy
Ransomware Resiliency. Three steps to building an effective strategy
Defend Your Organization from Evolving Ransomware Attacks
Four Ransomware Resiliency Challenges You can Combat with Confidence
IDC Marketscape: Worldwide Managed Security Services 2020 Vendor Assessment
The Forrester Wave™: Global Managed Security Services Providers
IBM Cloud Compliance Smart Paper
IBM Security Risk Quantification Smart Paper
Protect your workforce; Grow your business with context-based zero trust
Omdia Universe: Selecting a Global IT Security Services Provider
Learn How to Build a Business Framework Designed for Data Management
Veritas Ransomware Resiliency Research Global Report
Ransomware Protection with Veritas NetBackup Appliances
Data Management: 4 Steps for Cloud Migration Success
Long-Term Data Retention with Veritas NetBackup
Building a secure utility ecosystem with NDR and Collective Defense
Navigating the SaaS Security Jungle
SaaS Security Solution Brief
4 Key Elements of an ML-Powered NGFW
2020 Threat Landscape: See What Evaded Perimeter Defenses
Security's "New Now" and the Role of Zero Trust Data Protection
The Guide to Multicloud Privilege Management
Identity: The Present and Future
Securing Your Building Management System
Strategies for Building Cohesive Security Programs
Delivering Business Value Through a Well-Governed Digital Identity Program
Secure Coding Culture Playbook
The Ultimate Guide to Ransomware
Passwords: BioTech and Pharma Both Need a New Path
Securely Work From Anywhere: A Playbook for Success
2021 Unit 42 Ransomware Threat Report
Security Threats and Trends: Prepare for What's Next
The State of SOAR Report, 2020
Shifting Cloud Security Left With Infrastructure as Code
Securing Kubernetes with InsightCloudSec
Cloud & Kubernetes - Removing the Security Blind Spots
IDC Analyst Connection: Vulnerability Management is Much More than Assessment Scanning
Empower Your First Responders
All Together Now: How IT and Security Teams Can Collaborate Better to Drive Operational Resilience
Security Operations Book of Knowledge
Forrester: The Total Economic Impact of ServiceNow Security Operations
Combining IT Operations Management and Security Operations Using AIOps
Gartner 2020 Market Guide for Security Orchestration, Automation and Response Solutions
Forrester The Total Economic Impact™ Of ServiceNow Risk And Compliance
Digital Transformation and Risk For Dummies, ServiceNow Special Edition
Governance, Risk, and Compliance Book of Knowledge
KuppingerCole Market Compass IT-GRC Tools
OCEG Think Tank White Paper: Essential Operational Resilience
Transforming Risk - Why Digital Transformation Depends on Integrated Risk Management
Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Vendor Risk Management Tools
Gartner Market Guide for Crisis/Emergency Management Solutions
Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Risk Management
5 Ways To Reduce Risk With Continuous Monitoring
10 Questions to Ask About a Cloud SIEM
Forrester Insights: 5 Questions on the Future of SIEM and Cloud Answered
A New Approach to Turbocharge Your Threat Detection and Response
Secure Cloud Migrations with Fortinet and Microsoft Azure
Cloud Threat Report 2021
The Forrester Tech Tide: Threat Intelligence, Q2 2021 from Anomali
The State of Threat Detection and Response from Anomali
2021 SANS Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Survey from Anomali
Frost Radar: Global Threat Intelligence Platform Market, 2020 from Anomali
Threat Intelligence Solutions: Overcoming the Cybersecurity Skills Gap and Data Overload
ROI Study: Economic Validation Report of the Anomali Threat Intelligence Platform
A Guide to Passwordless Anywhere
A Strategic Guide for Transitioning to Adaptive Access Management
Choosing the Right SIEM for Managed Detection & Response Service
Maximizing SOC Effectiveness with MDR
Achieving a Modern SOC with Managed Detection and Response
Dynamic Data Protection for Financial Services
Definitive Guide to Protecting Sensitive Healthcare Data
Definitive Guide to Bullet Proofing Data Security for Technology Companies
The 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM
Top 5 Ways to Fight Cybercrime
CyberArk Identity Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication Solution Brief
CyberArk Identity Lifecycle Management Solution Brief
The State of Ransomware in Government 2021
Passwordless: The Future of Authentication
The State of Ransomware in Education 2021
Improving Operational Resilience Through OT and IoT Visibility and Security
The Essential Guide to Securing Remote Access
The State of Ransomware in Healthcare 2021
Ransomware: The Need for a Business Impact Analysis
Improving OT and IoT Security for Substations and Power Grids
Face Verification in Insurance: 5 Ways That Insurers Can Use Biometrics to Enable Digital Transformation
Zero Trust Strategy Insights
Cyber is Everywhere. So are Deloitte Services.
The need for Zero Trust is NOW
Cybersecurity Best Practices for Business Resilience Series
4 Steps to Prove the Value of Your Vulnerability Management Program
2021 Industry Cyber-Exposure Report (ICER): ASX 200 Recommendations at a Glance
Financial Services Industry -How the Rapid7 Insight Cloud Can Help
Legal Industry - Transforming your Practice Securely with Cloud Security
The Four Pillars of Modern Vulnerability Management
Manufacturing Industry I How Rapid7 Insight Cloud Helps Your Organisation
6 Obstacles to Effective Endpoint Security
Hidden Costs of Endpoint Security
How to Improve OT/IoT Network Visibility
Boosting Endpoint Security with Real-time, Automated Incident Response
Dynamic Cloud Security Provides Seamless, Flexible Protection
Adaptive Cloud Security
Securing Dynamic Cloud Environments
Business Benefits of a SASE Approach
From MFA to Zero Trust: A Five-Phase Journey to Securing the Workforce
The Essential Guide to Device Trust in the Enterprise
A Guide to Verifying Customers & Maximizing Conversions
How to Find the Right Identity Verification Service for your Business
A Five-Phase Journey to Securing the Federal Workforce
Five Steps to Protecting Higher Education Systems
Relieving the Pain Points of Federal IT Modernization
Driving Immediate Value with a Cloud SIEM
How IAM Empowers Business to Securely Work From Anywhere
Fighting Fraud in the Public Cloud
Forrester Total Economic Impact Whitepaper
What Elite Threat Hunters See That Others Miss
Case Study: Leading Financial Institutions
Upgrade Your Native Microsoft 365 Email Protection
Maximizing your ROI in identity verification
Mastering Identity Verification Measurement and Performance
Seamless and Secure Customer Onboarding
Many Countries, One Verification Solution
Take Zero Chances with Customer Due Diligence
Healthcare’s Post-Transformation Agenda
4 Ways to Use Zero Trust Beyond VPN Replacement
SASE Comes of Age for Governments, Schools
Plugging the Gaps in Salesforce
Content Security for Salesforce - An Added Cost or an Enabler?
Harden Your Attack Surface
The Future of Corporate Cyber Security is All-in-One
Hacked But Not Harmed: A Story of Early Detection and Response
How Modern Identity Access Management Can Help Higher Ed Achieve Zero Trust Cybersecurity Goals
2021 Cost of A Data Breach
Data Classification for Cloud Security
Finding & Eliminating Sensitive Data in Logs
Redefining Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Getting Started With CASB
451 Research S&P Global Business Impact Brief
Frost & Sullivan Executive Brief: Beyond The Cloud
The DLP Dilemma Report
Modern Blueprint to Information Protection
2021 Cyberthreat Defense Report
How to Start a Cybersecurity Program (or Restart One that Lapsed)
12 Revealing Questions to Ask When Evaluating an MSSP or MDR Vendor
Someone in Your Industry Got Hit with Ransomware. What Now?
Budget Planning: Determining your Security Spend
Critical Considerations for Deploying Secure Life Sciences Facilities
Protecting Networks and Facilities Against A Fast-Changing Threat Landscape
How Your Information Infrastructure Can Help Improve Asset and System Performance
Industrial Cyber Security Services for The Connected Enterprise
A Pragmatic Path to SASE with Menlo Security
How Zero Trust is the Foundation for Securing Fiserv and Fintech
Securing the Future of Work
5 Ways to Reduce Software, Hardware, and Cloud Spend for More Innovation Budget
Visibility to Workflow: How IT Leaders Can Discover and See All Technology Assets to Transform Business
Modernize and Automate ITAM Across Hardware, Software, and Cloud
Creating the Ultimate Spend-Smart IT Asset Management System
OCEG Research Findings- Modernizing Operational Risk Management In 2021
Managing Digital Risk; Making It Happen With Your Vendors
Developing A More Effective Risk Report For Your Board
Forrester TEI Servicenow Risk and Compliance
Kuppingercole Market Compass IT-GRC Tools
eBook: All Together Now: How IT and Security Teams Can Collaborate Better to Drive Operational Resilience
eBook: 5 Ways To Reduce Risk: How Continuous Monitoring Protects Your Enterprise
Forrester TEI ServiceNow Security Operations Solutions
IDC Analyst Connection: Vulnerability Management is Much More Than Assessment Scanning
State of IT and Cyber Risk Management Survey Report 2021
Ultimate Guide to Vendor Risk Assessment
Vendor Security Assessment Checklist
How Gremlin Reduces Sales Process Friction with Whistic
Putting Data Privacy and Protection at the Center of Your Security Strategy
How To Select the Right Cloud Crypto and Key Management Solution
Case Study: Allegiant Travel Company
The Case for Open XDR-as-a-Service
Modern Authentication for the Federal Government
Accelerate Your Zero Trust Strategy with Strong Authentication
Identity and Cybersecurity Solutions for Healthcare
Mandating Multi-Factor Authentication for Cybersecurity in the U.S. Federal Government
The Power of Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions
Verifying Identities in the Shifting EdTech Landscape
Emergence of Hybrid Cloud Security
Veriff Identity Fraud Report: H1 2021
Global AML Research: Acceleration Through Adversity
Zero Trust and the Power of Isolation for Enterprise Online Threat Prevention
2021 Cyberthreat Defense Report
A Pragmatic Path to SASE with Menlo Security
Healthcare’s Essential Guide to Preventing Cybersecurity Breaches
Unlocking U.S. Election Cybersecurity with Security Keys
2020 DevSecOps Community Survey Results
The State of The Software Supply Chain In 2020
Forrester: The State Of Application Security In 2021
CISO Guide to Vendor Email Compromise (VEC) - The Risks of VEC and How to Stop It
The Economics of Infrastructure Scalability in Healthcare
How to Manage a Hybrid and Multicloud Environment
Supercharge Your IT Monitoring With the Three Pillars of Observability
A Security Engineer’s Nightmare
Cribl LogStream for Managed Security Services
FINRA Levels Up Their Data Game Without A Steep Learning Curve
Observability Pipelines for Dummies
eBook -7 Essential Vulnerability Management Questions Answered
The Endpoint Endgame: Essential Security Practices you need to Thrive in a Remote World
Ransomware – COVID -19 Caused Mutations and the Ultimate Guide for Protecting your Remote Workforce
IDG: Security and compliance automation for financial services
Simplify your Security Operations Center
A Guide to Improving Compliance with Network Automation Technology
Accelerate your Path to Self-healing Infrastructure
Automating Data Security for Financial Services Apps
The 3 Tenets of Enabling a Remote Government Workforce
Reduce risk and cyber insurance premiums with Okta
Forrester The Total Economic Impact™ Of ServiceNow Risk and Compliance
Human Factor Report 2021
Threat Briefing: Ransomware
The Business Email Compromise Handbook
Attack Surface Management Buyer's Guide
US Critical Infrastructure Report: Oil & Natural Gas Pipeline
Case Study: How an International Real Estate Company Leveraged Censys ASM for Cloud Asset Discovery
Cloud Misconfiguration Mayhem: An Analysis of Misconfiguration of Services Across Providers
VMware says. NetBackup delivers.
10 Things You Didn't Know About VMware Data Protection And Veritas NetBackup
VMware Data Protection Streamlined With High-Efficiency Backups. Lower TCO Of VMware Deployments.
2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
Ransomware Checklist
The 10 Essential Capabilities of a Best-of-Breed SOAR
The SOAR Buyer's Guide
5 Key Questions to Consider when Researching a vCISO Solution
Modernize Endpoint Protection and Leave Your Legacy Challenges Behind
Canada Security Insights Report
Forrester Wave, We’re a leader!
How to Protect Data Stored in the Cloud with Modern Encryption
Ransomware Playbook: Actions You Can Take to Lower the Risk and Impact
The 10 Things Your MDR Service Must Do
The Evolution of PCI DSS
The True Cost of PCI DSS
Why You Need To Own Your Data
DevOps - The Path to Continuous Compliance and Better Security
Driving Value by Automating Compliance - Top 5 Questions from IT
Case Study: Unit Finance
The Privacy Paradox: Securing Data to Build Customer Engagement
SIEM and XDR: A Comparison Guide
A SOC Manager’s Guide to New Efficiencies Automating the Full Threat Detection and Response Workflow
Top 3 Things to Consider When Building Your Modern Threat Detection and Response Program
eBook I 4 Ways to Bolster Cyber Risk Management and Compliance in a Covid-19 World
eBook - IT and Cyber Risk Management : The Accelerated Approach
The Extended Enterprise Under Threat
Fraud and the Rise of Brand Abuse
A Guide to Ransomware Resilience
Software Metrics in Automotive Applications
Guide to Automotive Software Development: Standards, Security & Emerging Technology
Forrester TEI ServiceNow Security Operations Solutions
eBook: All Together Now: How IT and Security Teams Can Collaborate Better to Drive Operational Resilience
Cracking the Code of DevSecOps
2021 Open Source Security And Risk Analysis Report
Railway Control, Signaling & Train Protection Handbook: EN 50128 Compliance
ENTERPRISE DATA CLASSIFICATION: Enhancing Microsoft MIP In An Era Of Enhanced Regulatory Obligation
The 5 Steps to Effective Data Protection
Classification By Design: The Foundation Of Effective Data Protection Compliance
Data Classification: The First Step To Protecting Unstructured Data
What Is Data Classification And What Can It Do For My Business?
2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing
MSPs: Tools, Transformation and Consolidation
MITRE Engenuity™ ATT&CK® Evaluation
Case Study | Brazilian Fintech, will bank, achieves 90% reduction in fraud losses and 80% reduction in account takeover on mobile
Mobile App Friction Report | Login Authentication & Password Reset
Why Your Cloud Needs a Data Strategy
6 Cloud Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
How to Get Your Cloud Migration Strategy Right
Transforming for the Future: How Industry Leaders Harness the Power of the Cloud
Seven Steps To A Successful Digital Transformation Strategy
A Guide to Modern IT Service Management with AIOps
The Economics of Virtual Networking
Ransomware Emergency Kit
5 Tips for Defending Against Ransomware
Gartner Maverick* Research: You Will Be Hacked, So Embrace the Breach
2021 State of Malware Report
How EDR Offers Threat Detection, Insights, and Remediation
Seven Steps To A Successful Digital Transformation Strategy
A Guide to Embracing a Zero Trust Security Model
Getting Started with Zero Trust
Zero Trust Guiding Principles
Container Network Security for Dummies Guide
Network Automation for Dummies
Findings From Examining More Than a Decade of Public ICS/OT Exploits
Addressing Top 5 Challenges of Deploying a Comprehensive DR Solution
The Complete Guide to Cloud Economics
The Definitive Guide to Migrating to the Cloud
Top 5 Challenges of Managing VDI in the Multi-Cloud Era
VMware Cloud Workload Migration Tools
All Aboard! How Rail Companies Can Achieve EN 50128 Compliance
The 2021 Faces of Fraud: Enabling Digital Trust in a Connected Fraud Landscape
The Transformational CISO’s Guide to Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response
7 Questions to Ask Your MSSP
ESG Research: E-Discovery Market Trends and Challenges
ESG Customer Experience - Enterprise Archive
Making the Move to Cloud-Based Archiving: A Step-by-Step Guide
Compliance in the Age of Digital Collaboration
The State of Data Innovation 2021
Board Members: Mitigating Their Security Risks
Total Economic Impact™ of Pure Signal™ Recon from Team Cymru
Forrester Total Economic Impact: Infographic
2020 KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for PAM
2021 KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Access Management
CIAM Stakeholder Smartpaper
KuppingerCole Executive View, IBM Security Verify for CIAM, April 2021
KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Identity Fabrics, 2021
Protect and transform your enterprise with a holistic IAM program
The Forrester Wave™: Privileged Identity Management (PIM), Q4 2020
Holistic Approach to Mitigating Harm from Insider Threats
Behaviour Change: An Intelligent Approach For Cyber Security
Meaningful Metrics for Human Cyber Risk
Measuring Cyber Security Culture
How To Tackle Ransomware By Managing Human Risk
Forrester Now Tech: Unified Endpoint Management, Q2 2021
Gartner Hype Cycle for Endpoint Security, 2021
The Ultimate Guide to Cyber Hygiene
Defend Your Organization from Evolving Ransomware Attacks
Cybercriminals Are Resilient. How About You?
Using ServiceNow SOAR To Operationalize MITRE ATT&CK
Case Study: Passive ANI Validation Improves Fraud Prevention, Customer Experience, and Cost
Report: STIR/SHAKEN For the Contact Center
10 Things to Test In Your Future NGFW
2021 Ransomware Guide
A Simple Guide to Successful Penetration Testing
5 Reasons to Upgrade From Symantec
A Credit Union Must-have: 2021 Ransomware Guide
A Credit Union's Simple Guide to Successful Penetration Testing
Securing Cloud-Native Apps and CI/CD Pipelines at Scale
Jump Start Securing Cloud-Native and Hybrid Applications
Five Ways to Improve Privileged Access Management with AWS Managed Services (AMS) and CyberArk
10 Reasons Organisations Choose Proofpoint to Secure Email and the Cloud
Securing Microsoft 365: 10 Reasons Organisations Choose Proofpoint to Protect Their Cloud Deployment
Making Security Possible and Achieving a Risk-Oriented Security Posture
When Your Organization Needs More Than MDR
Risk and Security Workflows Book of Knowledge
5 Stages of Security Automation Maturity: How Do You Compare?
3 Ways to Align Your SecOps & Business Priorities with Cisco Endpoint Security
Cisco Secure Endpoint Datasheet
5 Tips for Transforming Your Endpoint Security
Cisco Security and MITRE ATT&CK Enterprise
Research Results Report: 2021 Cybersecurity Complexity Study, EU & UK
How To Protect Your Web Applications
How To Add Security Directly Into Your Gaming Apps
Case Study: Securing Medical Devices From Attacks
A New Approach To Securing Mobile Banking Apps
Assessing Cyber Risk for the Defense Industrial Base