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Incident Response: How to React to Payment Card Fraud

Incident Response: How to React to Payment Card Fraud
As TJX, Hannaford and Heartland have taught us, incident response isn't just about reacting to your own institution's security breaches - it's about what happens when your card processors, merchants and vendors are compromised.

Register for this session for insight on:

  • How to immediately respond to a payment card breach - yours or a partner's;
  • Lessons learned from Heartland and other incidents;
  • Customer protection: You suspect a customer has been compromised - what do you say and when?


TJX. Hannaford. Heartland. The scenario has played itself out all too frequently in recent years. Fraudsters have gained access to payment card data - not from the banking institutions' own systems, but from their card processors, merchants or third-party service providers. And you know what happened next: fraud perpetrated against thousands of consumers.

In each of these cases, who was left to respond to the incidents by identifying potentially compromised customers, reaching out to them and then mitigating the situations, either by monitoring the accounts of replacing the cards? Answer: The banking institutions that issued the cards.

Payment card fraud is one of the fastest-growing crimes, and fraudsters are constantly searching for new ways to gain illegal access to card data, whether in your hands or those of a third-party service provider.

So what lessons have we learned from these incidents? What new strategies can we employ not just to respond to such incidents after they occur, but perhaps catch them even before they occur, or before damage is done?

In this exclusive webinar, Matthew Speare, a banking/security leader at a major U.S. institution, will share his experience in payment card incident response, focusing on:

  • The threat landscape: Where is your institution exposed?
  • How to prepare your team to respond immediately to a payment card incident;
  • What can be done to help prevent incidents and mitigate fraud;
  • Lessons learned from Heartland and other incidents - especially how to handle customers whose accounts may be at risk.

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