DDoS: The New Defense Strategy

DDoS: The New Defense Strategy

We have just completed the third wave of distributed-denial-of-service attacks against U.S. banks. And while there is no evidence these attacks will end soon, there are signs that the attackers' botnet is getting stronger, and they are targeting organizations outside the U.S. and banking. How can organizations everywhere prepare to defend against this growing menace?

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Join this expert panel for unique insight on:

  • What we know about the attacks and attackers;
  • Where organizations are most vulnerable;
  • What all organizations can do to assess and mitigate their DDoS risks.


DDoS was thought to be a threat from the past until it was reactivated and re-energized by the hacktivist group known as the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters.

Since the fall of 2012, the attackers have used DDoS to disrupt the online functions of nearly 50 U.S. financial institutions, causing website outages that alarmed customers and caused two federal regulatory agencies to issue fraud alerts to member institutions.

Following the two initial waves of attacks, in the fall and winter of 2012, the hacktivists took time off to regroup. Each time they came back stronger.

But the third wave, which commenced in March 2013, shows no sign of abating. Not only have the attacks morphed, targeting different vulnerabilities, but the attackers' botnet has strengthened. In April, the FBI warned that attack scripts have been modified in an attempt to increase the effectiveness with which the scripts evade detection. The actors are changing their attack methodology, the FBI says, to circumvent mitigation efforts of the financial institutions.

Concurrently, electrical utilities, gaming sites and European banking institutions all have experienced different forms of DDoS.

How can organizations from across industry defend themselves against attacks that some of the world's largest banks cannot prevent?

That is the key question that will be answered in this panel discussion from three unique perspectives:

  • The Bank - Michael Wyffels, SVP and CTO of QCR Holdings Inc., a multibank holding company, will discuss how his institutions assess and respond to DDoS risks, as well as what DDoS means to the banks and their customers.
  • The Journalist - Tracy Kitten, Executive Editor of BankInfoSecurity and CUInfoSecurity, will share insight she's gleaned from covering the DDoS story exhaustively since it first broke.
  • The Expert - Rodney Joffe, SVP & Senior Technologist, Neustar, is one of the foremost industry experts on DDoS and can explain exactly what the latest attack trends show us, and how you can make your organization a less desirable DDoS target.

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