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2012 Cloud Security Agenda: Expert Insights on Security and Privacy in the Cloud

2012 Cloud Security Agenda: Expert Insights on Security and Privacy in the Cloud
Nearly three-quarters of surveyed professionals say concerns regarding data security prevent their organizations from adopting cloud services. And more than half of the respondents say their own services are more secure than those offered by cloud providers.

These are among the findings of the new 2012 Cloud Security Survey. Join a distinguished panel of cloud computing experts for the first look at the findings of this perceptive study and how organizations can improve the security of their cloud computing initiatives, including:

  • Understanding risks cloud computing presents;
  • Mitigating these risks;
  • Steps to take to employ cloud computing securely and effectively

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What are organizations' top cloud security concerns, and how are security leaders addressing these concerns through policy, technology and improved vendor management?

This is the key question posed by the 2012 Cloud Security Survey.

No longer just an emerging technology practice, cloud computing today is embraced globally as a means of gaining efficient access to critical applications, processes and storage. It's now common for organizations to rely on cloud service providers for functions and business applications such as customer relationship management, messaging or storage via a public, private or hybrid cloud. Further, industry-specific cloud-based applications such as electronic health records or mobile banking and payment applications are emerging at an unprecedented pace.

But these engagements come with questions about risks:

  • What are your cloud service provider's security and privacy measures, and have they been audited?
  • Where geographically is cloud data being stored, and how do operational practices comply with government, industry and organizational privacy regulations?
  • How is a multi-tenant cloud environment managed, and in the event of system compromise - what will be the incident response escalation process?

Yes, cloud computing is about efficiencies and new technologies, but it's also about security, privacy and an organization's reputation.

The 2012 Cloud Security Survey was crafted with assistance from leading experts in cloud computing, security and privacy, with a mission to:

  • Chart the latest cloud trends, including types of cloud implementations most common by industry and region;
  • Gauge organizations' top cloud security concerns, from vendor security to data governance and breach preparedness;
  • Predict the top areas of investment for organizations most concerned about cloud security.

This webinar will draw upon survey results and expert insight from a special roundtable panel to discuss:

  • Top Security Concerns - Are organizations more concerned about where their data is stored, or whether a malicious insider might be a threat to it?
  • Success Factors - On a scale with cost savings and availability of services, how does security now rank among elements critical to a successful cloud computing implementation?
  • Protective Measures - What are some of the practices organizations are employing, from instituting more stringent contracts to enforcing third-party audits and even participating in mock security exercises with cloud service providers?

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