First Annual Generative AI Study: Business Rewards vs. Security Risks

A 360 Degree Look at Productivity Gains vs. Increased Threats

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In every revolution there are winners and losers. Make no mistake, beyond all the hype, widespread availability of generative AI is a revolution impacting us all and changing forever how we do business.

There is no opt-out if we don’t want to be left behind by our competitors, many of whom are reporting 30% productivity gains through AI use. But for those tasked with securing their organization, AI has caused the threat landscape to become infinitely larger, and the challenge is to strengthen security posture, so that organizations can grasp the AI opportunity while avoiding creating new vulnerabilities – as well as closing new avenues for attack, data leakage and misinformation that AI use potentially causes.

Those early adopters of technology, the criminal fraternity, are, as always quick to exploit this new opportunity to speed up and simplify their operations and operate at even greater scale with fewer human resources. Our own staff are often eagerly chasing the productivity gains of AI with little regard, or understanding, of the potential security and data integrity implications, especially as new use cases are being created daily.

We've just wrapped up this exciting, first annual research study. ISMG canvassed both high level CIOs and business leaders, as well as CISOs and security practitioners to gain up to date insight on the following issues and how they might be tackled:

  • Where are your peers seeing the primary productivity gains of generative AI?
  • What are the priority pain points and counter measures when it comes to the security challenges of allowing staff to use generative AI safely?
  • What are the most popular tools and offerings that you use?
  • What are the anticipated future opportunities to exploit AI for gain?

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