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Corpay, UHN Secure Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure With Gigamon

How Gigamon's Technical Capabilities Boost Organizations' Cybersecurity
Corpay, UHN Secure Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure With Gigamon

Network security threats are ever-evolving, and all types of organizations work hard to face down emerging threats while maintaining robust performance across their hybrid cloud infrastructure.

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In this quest, Gigamon stands out as a critical ally, providing deep observability that helps organizations improve visibility, fortify security measures and optimize network performance. Both Corpay and the University Health Network have learned how to leverage Gigamon's technical capabilities to achieve remarkable outcomes and boost their cybersecurity capabilities.

Corpay's Journey to Better Security

Corpay, formerly known as FLEETCOR, is a global leader in business payments, helping companies manage spending and creating value for their customers through services that enhance management and spend control, streamline mobility and vendor payments, and improve employee efficiency.

With a multi-cloud strategy that runs on AWS and Microsoft Azure, Corpay faced multiple challenges in maintaining robust security across its hybrid cloud environment. According to Waddaah Keirbeck, global CTO of Corpay, deep observability was crucial for understanding network traffic, identifying potential threats and being proactive with threat intelligence. "What keeps me up at night is what I do not know," Keirbeck said. "Anything I'm aware of is easy for us to deal with, so what keeps us up at night are the threats we have not seen or the potential challenges that could come to us from different aspects or actors."

Gigamon provided the visibility and performance that enabled Corpay to optimize and secure network management. By integrating lateral east-west visibility, Corpay now monitors traffic within its segmented network, not just the incoming and outgoing data. This comprehensive visibility is vital to identifying and mitigating threats that might otherwise go unnoticed.

What Corpay Did to Strengthen Cybersecurity

Corpay's Challenges

  • Maintaining robust security across a hybrid cloud environment running AWS and Azure;
  • Achieving comprehensive visibility into network traffic, particularly within segmented networks;
  • Proactively identifying and addressing potential threats.

To Resolve the Challenges

  • Implemented the Gigamon visibility and analytical fabric solution;
  • Integrated Gigamon's advanced visibility and performance capabilities;
  • Enhanced lateral east-west visibility to monitor internal traffic.

Outcome-Driven Results

  • Improved Threat Identification and Management: Gigamon's deep observability now helps ensure that potential threats are identified and addressed swiftly, enhancing Corpay's overall security posture.
  • Proactive Threat Intelligence: Corpay can now anticipate and mitigate threats before they cause significant issues, thanks to real-time insights and comprehensive visibility.
  • Enhanced Network Performance: By optimizing traffic monitoring and management, Corpay has achieved better network performance and resource utilization.

University Health Network's Need for Rapid Threat Detection

Visibility is the cornerstone of UHN's security strategy. "The sooner we can catch something, the sooner we can isolate the incident and prevent it from causing damage," said Kajeevan Rajanayagam, UHN's director of cybersecurity.

Gigamon's GigaVUE HC Series and TA Series were implemented to feed traffic data into security tools, providing lateral east-west visibility and de-duplicating traffic to reduce bandwidth requirements.

In one recent incident, Gigamon played a crucial role in identifying a ransomware attack within an hour, preventing any significant damage. This rapid response was possible because the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline provided real-time data to UHN's security tools, enabling quick and accurate threat detection.

What UHN Did to Better Detect Threats

UHN's Challenges

  • Managing a resource-constrained environment with a mix of on-premises and some public cloud assets;
  • Achieving visibility into lateral east-west traffic across the network;
  • Addressing a constant threat of ransomware attacks.

To Overcome the Challenges

  • Deployed the Gigamon GigaVUE HC Series and TA Series products;
  • Fed traffic data into security tools such as Armis and Forescout;
  • De-duplicated traffic to reduce bandwidth requirements and extend the lifespan of legacy systems.
Outcome-Driven Results
  • Enhanced Network Visibility: UHN now has complete visibility into lateral east-west traffic, crucial for detecting and mitigating threats.
  • Rapid Threat Detection and Response: The Gigamon solutions enabled UHN to identify and neutralize ransomware attacks within an hour, preventing significant damage.
  • Expanded Hardware Lifespan: By de-duplicating traffic and reducing bandwidth requirements, UHN has extended the life of its existing hardware, delaying costly upgrades.

See Through Your Cybersecurity Complexities With Gigamon

As cyberthreats continue to expand, so too does the need for granular visibility and proactive threat management. The Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline offers a transformative approach, enabling organizations such as Corpay and UHN to achieve unparalleled security and performance across their hybrid cloud environments.

By illuminating hidden dangers and optimizing defenses, Gigamon empowers organizations to protect their digital assets and maintain operational resilience. CISOs and security leaders seeking to enhance network security, along with their threat hunting skills, should turn to Gigamon to better safeguard their digital enterprises.

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