Akshaya Asokan

Akshaya Asokan

Senior Correspondent, ISMG

Asokan is a U.K.-based senior correspondent for Information Security Media Group's global news desk. She previously worked with IDG and other publications, reporting on developments in technology, minority rights and education.

Compliance: Mississippi State Agencies Have a Long Way to Go

Akshaya Asokan  •  October 10, 2019

Nigerian Man Charged in Phishing Scam Targeting US Agencies

Akshaya Asokan  •  October 4, 2019

Just How Widespread Is Ransomware Epidemic?

Akshaya Asokan  •  October 4, 2019

Report: US Voting Machines Still Prone to Hacking

Akshaya Asokan  •  September 30, 2019

Rheinmetall Investigating Malware Attack at Three Plants

Akshaya Asokan  •  September 30, 2019

Cisco: Hacking Group Targets US Veterans

Akshaya Asokan  •  September 26, 2019

'Fancy Bear' Hacking Group Adds New Capabilities, Targets

Akshaya Asokan  •  September 26, 2019

Emotet Botnet Now Using Snowden's Memoir as a Lure

Akshaya Asokan  •  September 24, 2019

Facebook Removes Hundreds of Fake Accounts

Akshaya Asokan  •  September 19, 2019

Investigation Launched After Ecuadorian Records Exposed

Akshaya Asokan  •  September 17, 2019

Congress Hears Ideas for Battling ID Theft

Akshaya Asokan  •  September 16, 2019

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